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John Reminis is currently the manager of award winning bakery,Bakehouse Delights, in Nowra. He is also a member of the ASB (Australian Society of Baking) and also the BAA(Baking Association of Australia). 

Just recently, John won the National World Skills Australia event, sending him on an international journey, during which he will compete in New Zealand. If successful he may be selected to represent Australia in Brazil in August 2015, to take on other young bakers from around the world. 

John has now attained a high level of national experience, and is eager, keen and ready to learn more about competing internationally. As he has a strong passion for baking and learning, he is excited to be competing in the Louis Lessaffre Cup for Australia, as the Young Bakery Hopeful. 

John is currently training apprentices for national competitions, and would love the opportunity to bring back more skills and knowledge from the world stage. 

Professional Achievements 


• 2015 RYLA Camp (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) 

• 2014 Rotary Talk: Sharing experiences

and achievements 

• 2014 World Skills National - Gold Medal 

• 2014 Apprentice of the Year for all trades 

• 2013 Bakeskills National - 1st place 

• 2013 LA Judge Award, winner (regarded as most prestigious Australian Baking Industry Award for

Young Bakers) 

• 2013 Bake Skills Regional - Team winners 

• 2013 World Skills Regional - Winner 

• 2012 BAA NSW - Apprentice of the Year 

• 2012 World Skills Nationals - Silver Medal 

• 2011 World Skills Regionals - Winner 

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